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Master’s degree studies for a new generation of executives

The BSSF is one of the first university of applied sciences in Europe dedicated to the training of a new generation of people who want to tackle the pressing challenges of our time in an interdisciplinary way. 

With a focus on sustainable development, transcultural communication and creative leadership, it provides students with new perspectives for solving problems in the digital age in the context of a Master’s degree programme.

Our master’s degree programmes

Culture and Transformation

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The social science programme, Culture and Transformation, takes into account the fact that in an age where cultural science is shaped by globalisation, transculturality and mass media, interdisciplinary perspectives and methods are needed.

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Digital Communication

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The Master’s degree programme in Digital Communication conveys a high degree of skills for the changing media world in the context of increasing digital networking and the communicative accessibility of fragmented target and customer groups.

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Media Innovation Management

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The possibility of producing content that gathers a lot of attention is at the heart of the social science programme in Media Innovation Management.

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Environmental Management and Sustainability

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The Environmental Management and Sustainability programme provides a deeper understanding of the social, economic and natural dimensions of sustainability.

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Degree programme format

The BSSF offers Master’s degree programmes in a full-time format in order to convey theoretical and practical foundations in a discursive and project-oriented learning environment. Culture, media and sustainability aspects are also closely linked via the degree programmes. The close contact between students, instructors and executives from business, politics and culture opens up visionary career prospects.

When you study at the BSSF...

You will receive a unique education geared toward the future. Businesses and society are looking for leaders who can find answers to the major challenges we face, such as sustainability, transcultural thinking and economic strategies, in a way that replaces quantitative growth with qualitative alternatives.

You are saying no to large universities! There are initially 120 places available at the BSSF, which ensures an optimal (mentoring) relationship with instructors and researchers. There is one academic expert for every 8 students.

You work with internationally recognised professors and the most renowned research institutes in Germany Through internships and personal involvement by mentors in companies and organisations, you will also gain contacts that can be very helpful for your career.

In 6 trimesters you will receive an internationally recognised Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree.

Special Emphasis

We offer four Master’s degree programmes that fill an existing gap in the higher-education landscape by linking sustainability, media, culture and society to globalisation and digitisation.