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BSSF is a private university of applied sciences newly conceived from the ground up for anyone who may wish to develop sustainable and intercultural innovations and bring these to success professionally with media.

With the foundation of the Berlin School of Sustainable Futures, University of Applied Sciences we follow the conviction that cultural dynamics, communications processes and sustainability must be considered in an integrated fashion.

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Our degree programmes

Culture and Transformation

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The social science programme, Culture and Transformation, takes into account the fact that in an age where cultural science is shaped by globalisation, transculturality and mass media, interdisciplinary perspectives and methods are needed.

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Digital Communication

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The Master’s degree programme in Digital Communication conveys a high degree of skills for the changing media world in the context of increasing digital networking and the communicative accessibility of fragmented target and customer groups.

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Media Innovation Management

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The possibility of producing content that gathers a lot of attention is at the heart of the social science programme in Media Innovation Management.

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Environmental Management and Sustainability

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The Environmental Management and Sustainability programme provides a deeper understanding of the social, economic and natural dimensions of sustainability.

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The BSSF is a university of applied sciences that finally challenges established boundaries and prepares you for the great challenges of the future.

Caroline Liss, MAAcademic Manager