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Our research is not only based on the will to develop an integrated research profile, which is competitive nationally and internationally. Our ambitions are also directed to questions about the future prospects of human civilisation. Expert research is essential for this. And we want to integrate our students early and intensively into such research.

We assume that different cultural imprints and forms of mediation play a decisive role in our understanding of the use of resources. We are also in a transformational transition to a media society that provides information to people within seconds, regardless of whether the information is true or not. But the discussion as to whether this might endanger pluralistic systems remains largely unexplored. Open societies, especially global networks, are the ingredients for progress and development. The interdependencies and interconnections of cultures, media and ecological living conditions also confront research with new questions. We focus on such questions.

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Research profile

The basic idea of our research profile is based on the insight that globalisation and the ubiquitous diffusion of the western lifestyle, the unrestricted paradigm of growth, is detrimental to a sustainable future. There are certainly cultural experiences that show how humanity can live sustainably in a more limited way. 

Our approach therefore explains the diversity of cultures as an indispensable resource for the future of humanity. Coping with the challenges of the future does not stop with technologically solvable issues. We must also consider the totality of cultural norms and knowledge as what it is: an infinite pool of possible solutions.

But we also should not overlook the fact that the sustainability of the future also requires new paradigms. That is why our research approach is based on understanding the handling of nature as a cultural task and reviewing traditional patterns of thinking (e.g. the right to exploit nature).

Our research approach also looks at cultures as a learning pool and resource for the future, which also involves compellingly questioning the cultural conditioning of our own actions and  looking at options from other cultures in our transformation strategies.

Research projects

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