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Guide to your PhD application

Would you like to apply for the Alma Mater Europaea PhD programme at the Berlin School of Sustainable Futures? It’s easy and it is our pleasure to guide you through the doctoral journey by offering our expert knowledge, skills and competencies on the chosen fields of study.

In the following section, you will learn how the application process works, which documents we need from you and what you have to do after you have been admitted. If you have any questions or need help, simply contact the relevant contact and advice centres.

Now you can start with your application – We are very excited about welcoming you and helping you achieve your academic goals at the Berlin School of Sustainable Futures, University of Applied Sciences and the Alma Mater Europaea community.

Registration deadline
30 September (11:59 PM GMT)

Where to submit necessary documents?
Printed registration form, supplemental documents and registration form (view instruction guidelines) have to be sent to our cooperation partner:

Alma Mater Europaea 
Slovenska ulica 17
2000 Maribor

Assessment criteria

The following assessment criteria are used in evaluating incoming applicants:

Evaluation of documented qualifications (composition of previous programmes, grades, publications, motivation, study periods abroad, duration of study, recommendations, etc. )

Scientific quality of the prepared project for the PhD degree programme and the suitability of the research environment for such a project.

English language skills.

Doctoral enrolment –
All the steps at a glance.



The enrolment process begins by filling out the online application form. Upon completion, please print and sign the form and send it together with the proof of highest education degree obtained and a CV to our cooperation partner. The admissions department will then evaluate whether you fulfill the requirements for enrolment.



If you fulfill the enrolment requirements, our admissions office will then officially invite you to enrol (online). The tuition fee can be paid in single amount or in two, five or eight instalments. You decide about the number of instalments during the online enrolment.


Formal submission

Once you have a supervisor, you will need to fill out some forms.


Preparing for your PhD

Once you receive a notification of your successful admission, you are an official student at the BSSF. Congratulations! There is still a lot to consider and manage until the start of the trimester. We would be happy to help you find accommodation, funding for your studies and much more.