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PhD programme at the Berlin School of Sustainable Futures

The BSSF places emphasis on research. This is the only way to offer the highest quality in teaching as well. The BSSF cooperates with the Alma Mater Europaea in terms of the PhD programmes, which offers, conducts and awards the title.

Doing a PhD at the Berlin School of Sustainable Futures means conducting independent research combined with optimal supervision by the BSSF faculty. A Doctorate degree signals outstanding theoretical and conceptual skills and can bring your career to the next level.

This is how it works: To enrol for the PhD programmes you register via the web the EVŠ portal. After completing the application form, you print, sign and send it to our cooperation partner will all supplemental documents. Our admissions department will then evaluate whether you fulfill the requirements and if all necessary required materials for enrolment have been submitted. If you fulfill the enrolment requirements, you will then officially receive an invitation to enrol (online).

Our PhD programmes

Phd in strategic communication Management

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The doctoral study programme Strategic Communication Management is an interdisciplinary study, focusing on new strategic managerial values (personal, intercultural, economic, political, cultural, artistic, religious, health-related, scientific, global, regional, national, and local) and new specific subjects.

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Phd in Humanities

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The PhD programme in the Humanities is an interdisciplinary programme, linking anthropological, philosophical and linguistic disciplines, tailored to the needs of individual students.

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PhD programme structure

1st Year
  • Define the scope and topic
  • Begin research work
  • Annual meeting with the thesis committee
  • Quarterly meetings in Berlin
2nd Year
  • Continue research work
  • Paper, poster, report writing
  • Participate in conferences and workshops in related areas
  • Quarterly meetings in Berlin
3rd Year
  • Quarterly meetings in Berlin
  • Present at conferences and workshops
  • Finish research work
  • Write dissertation
  • Defence / Disputation

Doctorate degree form and financing

A structured doctoral programme is usually set-up systematically. The students are involved in a mandatory training programme, there is a curriculum on a given topic, a defined duration, individual support and a regulated financing.

As a rule, doctoral candidates in Germany have to secure their own funding. There are various ways to secure funding during doctoral studies. The following section provides a brief overview of possible sources of funding:

Position as a Research Assistant

Doctoral candidates may work as a research assistant at the university of applied sciences.

Other tasks apart from writing the dissertation include working as a tutor, fulfilling administrative tasks at the university of applied sciences, supervising Bachelor’s and Master’s theses as well as other projects. 

Individual fellowships

Financing through individual fellowships (e.g. DAAD, Erasmus, etc.)

Applicants must seek out individual fellowships on their own. Your doctoral supervisor can usually assist you with this.


If you can credibly show that your own resources are sufficient, you may also be accepted into the programme.

When you do a PhD at the BSSF...

you will receive a unique education geared toward the future. Businesses and society are looking for leaders who can find answers to the major challenges we face, such as sustainability, transcultural thinking and economic strategies, in a way that replaces quantitative growth with qualitative alternatives.

you will be provided with a supervisor, who is your contact person for questions concerning your PhD. In addition to the clear curriculum for doctorate programmes, we also offer very good support.

you work with internationally recognised professors and the most renowned research institutes in Germany.

you will follow an accredited doctorate programme, which is carried out by the Alma Mater Europaea.

you can do a PhD while working. Online participation is available as remote access to recorded lectures at any time suitable for you.

Accreditation by NAVKIS

The PhD programmes are accredited national (Agency NAVKIS) and internationally recognized according to Bologna standards.